Links provide information on locating and applying for U.S. government funding for computational neuroscience research.


Advice on the process of applying for grant support.

Grant Writing Tips Sheets
Electronic Submission of Grant Applications (paper submissions no longer accepted!)

Specific Opportunities

Current / recent initiatives.

Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative
NIH Funding Opportunities
NSF Related Activities:
Innovative Neurotechnologies to Reveal the Functional and Emergent Properties of Neural Circuits Underlying Behavior and Cognition
International Collaboration Opportunities

Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience (CRCNS): Joint NSF-NIH initiative
NIH Notice: (NOT-NS-09-017)
Full announcement (NSF-04-514)
Application Receipt dates: Jan 30, 2004, Jan 05, 2005, Jan 05, 2006.
Full announcement (NSF-8-514)
Application Receipt dates: Feb 26, 2008, Oct 30, 2008, Nov 17, 2009.
Full announcement (NSF 11-505)
Application Receipt dates: Feb 16, 2011, Nov 02, 2011, Nov 02, 2012.
Full announcement (NSF 14-504)
Application Receipt dates: Jan 27, 2014, Oct 28, 2014, Oct 29, 2015.
Program Solicitation (NSF 16-607)
Full Proposal Deadline(s): Dec 19, 2016.

Computational Tools for Research in Neuroscience, Behavioral Science and Mental Health: STTR [R41/R42]
Program Announcement(PA-07-423)
Application Receipt Dates: (standard dates) between November 5, 2007 and January 8, 2011.

Critical Techniques and Technologies for Advancing Big Data Science & Engineering (BIGDATA)
Full Announcement (NSF 12-499)
Application Receipt dates: Jun. 13, 2012 (Mid-Scale Projects), Jul. 11, 2012 (Small Projects).
Full Announcement (NSF 14-543)
Application Receipt dates: Jun 09, 2014.

Early Stage Development of Technologies in Biomedical Computing, Informatics, and Big Data Science (R01)
Funding Opportunity Announcement (PA-14-155)
Application Due Dates: (standard dates) between May 5, 2014 and May 8, 2017.

Neuroimaging Informatics Software Enhancement for Improved Interoperability and Dissemination (R03)
Program Announcement(PAR-07-417)
Application Receipt Dates: September 24, 2007, January 15, 2008, May 15, 2008, September 15, 2008, January 15, 2009, May 15, 2009, September 15, 2009, January 15, 2010, May 14, 2010.

Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) (U24)
Application Receipt Dates: September 26, 2014.

The Human Connectome Project
NIH Request for Applications: (RFA-MH-10-020)
Application Receipt dates: Nov 24, 2009.

Connectomes Related to Human Disease (U01)
Funding Opportunity Announcement PAR-14-2810)
Application Receipt dates: Nov 14, 2014. Jul 14, 2015. Jul 14, 2016.

Training in Computational Neuroscience: From Biology to Model and Back Again (T90)
NIH Notice NOT-DA-10-023
Request For Applications (RFA): RFA-DA-06-010
Application Receipt Dates: February 13, 2006, (To Be Announced) Fall, 2010,

Trans-NIH initiative: Predictive Multiscale Models of the Physiome in Health and Disease (R01)
Program Announcement(PAR-08-023)
Application Receipt Dates: January 14, 2008, May 14, 2008, September 15, 2008, January 14, 2009, May 14, 2009, September 15, 2009, January 14, 2010, May 14, 2010, September 15, 2010.
Predictive Multiscale Models for Biomedical, Biological, Behavioral, Environmental and Clinical Research (Interagency U01)
Program Announcement(PAR-11-203)
Application Receipt Dates: June 17, 2011, September 27, 2011, January 31, 2012, May 31, 2012, September 27, 2012, January 31, 2013, May 31, 2013, September 27, 2013. February 04, 2014.

Study Section Rosters

Current information on who is serving on which Initial Review Group (IRG).

NIMH Current Extramural Programs and Contact
NIH/CSR (formerly DRG) Study Sections

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