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20 Years of Computational Neuroscience

James M. Bower (Ed.)
Springer, July 31, 2013.
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23 Problems in Systems Neuroscience

Edited by: J. Leo van Hemmen and Terrence J. Sejnowski
Oxford University Press, November 11, 2005.
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Kindle Edition

Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics - 2009. Proceedings from 2007 are also available.
Rubin Wang, Fanji Gu (Eds.).
Springer, November 29, 2010.
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see also 2007

Advances in Neural Population Coding

Miguel Nicolelis.
Elsevier Science, July 1, 2001.
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Analysis and Modeling of Coordinated Multi-neuronal Activity

Edited by: Masami Tatsuno
Springer, 2015.
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Kindle Edition

Analysis of Parallel Spike Trains

Sonja Grün and Stefan Rotter (Eds.)
Springer, August 30, 2010.
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Auditory Computation

H. Hawkins, T. McMullin, A.N. Popper, R.R. Fay (Eds.)
Springer-Verlag Publishers, September, 1995.
Amazon link

Bayesian Brain:

Probabilistic Approaches to Neural Coding
Edited by Kenji Doya, Shin Ishii, Alexandre Pouget and Rajesh P. N. Rao.
MIT Press, January 2007.
Amazon link

Biophysical Neural Networks:

Foundations of Integrative Neuroscience
Edited by: Roman R. Poznanski.
Mary Ann Liebert, 1st edition, April 15, 2001.
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Searching for Principles
By William Bialek
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Kindle Edition

Biophysics of Computation:

Information Processing in Single Neurons
By Christof Koch
Oxford University Press, November 1998 (paper Oct. 2004).
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Kindle Edition

Biophysics of Consciousness:

A Foundational Approach
Edited by: Roman R. Poznanski, Jack Tuszynski and Todd E Feinberg.
World Scientific, 1st edition, December, 2015.
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The Book of GENESIS:

Exploring Realistic Neural Models with the GEneral NEural SImulation System

Introduction and tutorial for the GENESIS modeling package, and its' graphical interface, XODUS. Developed at the annual Methods in Computational Neuroscience course at the Woods Hole Marine Biology Laboratory, and further class tested at Cal Tech and elsewhere.
By James Bower and David Beeman.
Springer-Verlag Publishers, 2nd edition, Sept. 1997.
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[FREE on-line edition through the GENESIS users group BABEL]


The Genesis of Rhythm in the Nervous System
Edited by Stephen Coombes, Paul Bressloff.
World Scientific, October 30, 2005.
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Cerebral Cortex:

(Volume 13) Models of Cortical Circuits
By Philip Ulinski.
Springer, February 28, 1999.
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Computational Cell Biology

Edited by Christopher Fall, Eric Marland, John Wagner, John Tyson.
Springer, July 9, 2002 (Corr. 3rd printing, 2004).
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Kindle Edition

Computational Glioscience

Edited by Maurizio De Pittà, Hugues Berry.
Springer, January 22, 2019 (1st edition
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Kindle Edition

Computational Maps in the Visual Cortex

The TOC and a sample chapter, electronic versions of the figures and references, animated demos, talks, and course material are available at the book website.
By Risto Miikkulainen, James A. Bednar, Yoonsuck Choe, Joseph Sirosh.
Springer, August 9, 2005.
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Computational Modeling of Genetic and Biochemical Networks

Edited by James M. Bower and Hamid Bolouri.
MIT Press, January, 2001.
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Computational Modelling of the Brain:

Modelling Approaches to Cells, Circuits and Networks
Edited by Michele Giugliano, Mario Negrello and Daniele Linaro.
Springer, January 2005.
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Kindle Edition

Computational Modeling Methods for Neuroscientists

Edited by Erik De Schutter.
MIT Press, November, 2009.
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Computational Models of Auditory Function

Edited by S. Greenberg and M. Slaney.
IOS Press, November, 2001.
Amazon link

Computational Models of the Auditory System:

Auditory periphery, Cochlear Nucleus, Auditory Pathway
Edited by Meddis, R., Lopez-Poveda, E., Fay, R.R. and Popper, A.N.
Springer, April 22, 2010.
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Kindle Edition

Computational Models for Neuroscience:

Human Cortical Information Processing
Edited by Robert Hecht-Nielsen and Thomas McKenna.
Springer, January 31, 2003.
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Kindle Edition

Computational Neuroanatomy:

Principles and Methods

A detailed table of contents is available from the editor.
Edited by Giorgio Ascoli.
Humana Press, July 2002.
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The Computational Neurobiology of Reaching and Pointing:

A Foundation for Motor Learning
By Reza Shadmehr and Steven P. Wise.
MIT Press, January 2005.
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Computational Neuroscience

Edited by Eric Schwartz.
MIT Press, May 1990.
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Computational Neuroscience:

A Comprehensive Approach
By Jianfeng Feng.
CRC Press, October 20, 2003.
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Kindle Edition

Computational Neuroscience:

A First Course
By Hanspeter Mallot.
Springer, May 23. 2013.
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Computational Neuroscience:

Cortical Dynamics
Edited by Péter Érdi, Anna Esposito, Maria Marinaro, Silvia Scarpetta.
Springer, September 20, 2004.
Amazon link

Computational Neuroscience:

Realistic Modeling for Experimentalists
By Erik De Schutter.
CRC Press, November 22, 2000.
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Computational Neuroscience in Epilepsy

Edited by Ivan Soltesz, Kevin Staley.
Academic Press, February 14, 2008.
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Kindle Edition

Computational Neuroscience of Granule Neurons

By Shyam Diwakar.
Amazon link

Computational Neuroscience of Vision

By Edmund T. Rolls and Gustavo Deco.
Oxford University Press, February, 2002.
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Computational Systems Neurobiology

Computational neurosciences and systems biology are among the main domains of life science research where mathematical modeling made a difference. This book introduces the many different types of computational studies one can develop to study neuronal systems.
Edited by Nicolas Le Novère.
Springer, July 31, 2012.
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Kindle Edition

The Computing Dendrite:

From Structure to Function
By Hermann Cuntz, Michiel Remme and Benjamin Torben-Nielsen.
Springer, February, 2014.
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Kindle Edition

The Computing Neuron

Edited by Richard Durbin, Christopher Miall, and Graeme Mitchison.
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Cerebral Cortex:

Volume 13: Models of Cortical Circuits
Edited by: Philip Ulinski
Springer, 1999.
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Kindle Edition


By Moshe Abeles.
Cambridge University Press, February, 1991.
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Databasing the Brain:

From Data to Knowledge

Edited by Steven Koslow, Shankar Subramaniam.
Wiley, March, 2005.
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Edited by: Greg Stuart, Nelson Spruston, Michael Hausser.
Oxford University Press, 3rd edition, Jun. 7, 2016.
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Kindle Edition

Directed Information Measures in Neuroscience

Edited by: Michael Wibral, Raul Vicente, Joseph Lizier.
Springer, April 30, 2014.
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Diversity in the Neuronal Machine:

Order and Variability in Interneuronal Microcircuits
By Ivan Soltesz.
Oxford University Press, October, 2005.
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Kindle Edition

Dynamic Biological Networks:

The Stomatogastric Nervous System
Edited by Ronald Harris-Warrick, Eve Marder, Allen Selverston and Maurice Moulins.
MIT Press, October, 1992.
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The Dynamic Brain:

An Exploration of Neuronal Variability and Its Functional Significance
Edited by Mingzhou Ding and Dennis Glanzman.
Oxford University Press, 1st edition, Jan. 18, 2011.
Amazon link


From Principles to Applications
Edited by Alain Destexhe and Thierry Bal.
Springer, March 26, 2009.
Amazon link

Dynamical Systems in Neuroscience:

The Geometry of Excitability and Bursting

An additional Chapter 10 (Synchronization) is available from the author.
By Eugene M. Izhikevich.
MIT Press, November, 2006.
Amazon link

Explaining the Brain:

Mechanisms and the Mosaic Unity of Neuroscience
By Carl F. Craver.
Oxford University Press, August 2, 2007.
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Kindle Edition

Fast Oscillations in Cortical Circuits

By Roger Traub, John Jefferys and Miles Whittington.
MIT Press, June 1999.
Amazon link

From Computer to Brain:

Foundations of Computational Neuroscience
By William W. Lytton.
Springer, October, 2002.
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Kindle Edition

Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology

By Daniel Johnston and Samuel Miao-Sin Wu.
MIT Press, 1994.
Amazon link

Fundamentals of Computational Neuroscience

By Thomas Trappenberg.
Oxford University Press, 2nd edition, Dec. 2009.
Amazon link

Handbook for the Brain Dynamics Toolbox

By: Stewart Heitmann and Michael Breakspear.
Independently published, Version 2018a, Nov. 2017.
Amazon link

Handbook of Brain Microcircuits

Edited by Gordon Shepherd and Sten Grillner.
Oxford University Press, 1st edition, Aug. 2010.
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Handbook of Neural Activity Measurement

Edited by: Romain Brette and Alain Destexhe.
Cambridge University Press, 1st edition, Oct. 2012.
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Hippocampal Microcircuits:

A Computational Modeler's Resource Book

A nice review (of 1st edition) by Michael Hasselmo has appeared in Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. Another review by Roger Traub is in the Hippocampus journal (but login required).
Edited by: Vassilis Cutsuridis, Bruce P. Graham, Stuart Cobb, Imre Vida.
Springer, 2nd ed. February 5, 2019.
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Introduction to Dynamic Modeling of Neuro-Sensory Systems

By Robert Northrop.
CRC Press, November, 2000.
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Introduction to Theoretical Neurobiology:

Volume 1, Linear Cable Theory and Dendritic Structure
By Henry C. Tuckwell.
Cambridge University Press, September, 2005.
Amazon link

Introduction to Theoretical Neurobiology:

Volume 2, Nonlinear and Stochastic Theories
By Henry C. Tuckwell.
Cambridge University Press, September, 2005.
Amazon link

Ionic Channels of Excitable Membranes

By Bertil Hille.
Sinauer Associates, 3rd edition, 2001.
Amazon link

Mathematical Aspects of Hodgkin-Huxley Neural Theory

By: Jane Cronin.
Cambridge University Press, 1st edition, August 28, 1987 (Manufactured on demand as of 2008).
Amazon link

Mathematical Foundations of Neuroscience

Model equations from the book (in XPP syntax), are available from the authors.
By G. Bard Ermentrout, David Terman.
Springer, 1st edition, July 8, 2010.
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Mathematical Neuroscience

By Stanislaw Brzychczy and Roman Poznanski.
Academic Press, 1st edition, August 30, 2013.
Amazon link

Mathematics for Neuroscientists:

Matlab code for figures and selected exercises from each chapter is available.
By Fabrizio Gabbiani and Steven James Cox
Academic Press, 1st edition, August 9, 2010.
Amazon link

Matlab for Neuroscientists:

An Introduction to Scientific Computing in Matlab
By Pascal Wallisch, Michael Lusignan, Marc Benayoun, Tanya Baker, Adam Dickey, Nicho Hatsopoulos.
Academic Press, 2nd edition, December 2, 2013.
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Methods and Models in Neurophysics

Lecture Notes of the Les Houches Summer School 2003
Edited by Carson Chow, Boris Gutkin, David Hansel, Claude Meunier and Jean Dalibard
Elsevier Science, 1st edition, February 23, 2005.
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Methods in Neuronal Modeling:

From Ions to Networks
Edited by Christof Koch and Idan Segev.
MIT Press, 2nd edition, 1998.
Amazon link

Methods in Neuronal Modeling:

From Synapses to Networks
Edited by Christof Koch and Idan Segev.
MIT Press, 1st edition, 1989.
Amazon link

Modeling in the Neurosciences:

From Biological Systems to Neuromimetic Robotics
Edited by G. N. Reeke, R.R. Poznanski, K. A. Lindsay, J.R. Rosenberg and O. Sporns.
CRC Press, March, 2005.
Amazon link

Modeling Neural Development

Table of Contents , including author list, is available from Arjen van Ooyen.
Edited by Arjen van Ooyen.
MIT Press, September, 2003.
Amazon link

Multiscale Models of Brain Disorders:

This book focuses on our current understanding of brain dynamics in various brain disorders (e.g. epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease) and how the multi-scale, multi-levels tools of computational neuroscience can enhance this understanding.
Edited by Vassilis Cutsuridis.
Springer, September 6, 2019.
Amazon link

Neural Control Engineering:

The Emerging Intersection between Control Theory and Neuroscience
By Steven J. Schiff.
MIT Press, October 2011.
Amazon link

Neural Engineering:

Computation, Representation, and Dynamics in Neurobiological Systems
By Chris Eliasmith and Charles H. Anderson.
MIT Press, December 2002.
Amazon link

Neural Network Simulation Environments

Provides descriptions of some of the best [then] current simulation software. Included are: Aspirin/Migraines, CAJAL, MUME, NBC, NeMoSys, NEURON, NEXUS, NSL, Rochester Connectionist Simulation Environment, SNNS, and SWIM.
Edited by Josef Skrzypek.
Amazon link

Neural Organization:

Structure, Function, and Dynamics
By Michael A. Arbib, Peter Erdi, and Janos Szentagothai.
MIT Press, 1998.
Amazon link

The Neural Simulation Language:

A System for Brain Modeling
By Alfredo Weitzenfeld, Michael A. Arbib and Amanda Alexander.
MIT Press, May, 2002.
Amazon link

Neurobiology of Neural Networks

Edited by Daniel Gardner.
MIT Press, August 1993.
Amazon link

Neurobiology of Olfaction

Edited by Anna Menini.
CRC Press, November 6, 2009.
Amazon link


Table of Contents from the publisher.
Edited by Chiquito J. Crasto.
Springer, July 2007.
Amazon link

The Neuron Book

The authoritative reference on NEURON, the modeling system for the study of biological neurons and neural networks. This guide will show you how to use the NEURON simulation environment to construct and apply empirically-based models.
By Nicholas T. Carnevale and Michael L. Hines.
Cambridge University Press, Available January 2006.
Amazon link

Neuronal Dynamics

From Single Neurons to Networks and Models of Cognition
This textbook for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students provides a thorough and up-to-date introduction to the fields of computational and theoretical neuroscience. An online version is available. Teaching materials are also provided in pdf and powerpoint formats.
By Wulfram Gerstner, Werner M. Kistler, Richard Naud and Liam Paninski.
Cambridge University Press, 1st edition, July 2014.
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Neuronal Networks of the Hippocampus

By Roger D. Traub.
Amazon link

Neuronal Noise

By Alain Destexhe and Michelle Rudolph-Lilith.
Springer, January 6, 2012
Amazon link
Kindle Edition


A Mathematical Primer
By Alwyn Scott.
Springer, June 19, 2002.
Amazon link

Neuroscience Databases:

A Practical Guide
Edited by Rolf Kötter.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, September, 2002.
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos:

With Applications to Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering
By Steven H. Strogatz.
Westview Press, 2nd edition, July 29, 2014
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Observed Brain Dynamics

By Partha Mitra and Hemant Bokil.
Oxford University Press, November, 2007
Amazon link
Kindle Edition


A Model System for Computational Neuroscience
Edited by Joel Davis and Howard Eichenbaum
MIT Press, November 4, 1991.
Amazon link

Phase Response Curves in Neuroscience:

Theory, Experiment, and Analysis
Edited by Nathan W. Schultheiss, Astrid A. Prinz and Robert J. Butera
Springer, 1st edition, December 31, 2011.
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Principles of Computational Modelling in Neuroscience

Undergraduate textbook requiring only an introductory background in neuroscience and high school mathematics. An associated website provides links to simulators and databases.
By David Sterratt, Bruce Graham, Andrew Gillies, David Willshaw.
Amazon link

Principles of Neural Design

By Peter Sterling and Simon Laughlin.
MIT Press, May 22, 2015
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Principles of Neural Information Theory:

Computational Neuroscience and Metabolic Efficiency
By James V. Stone.
Sebtel Press, September 25, 2018
Amazon link

Probabilistic Models of the Brain:

Perception and Neural Function
Edited by Rajesh P. N. Rao, Bruno A. Olshausen, and Michael S. Lewicki.
MIT Press, February, 2002.
Amazon link

The Rewiring Brain:

A Computational Approach to Structural Plasticity in the Adult Brain
Edited by: Arjen van Ooyen and Markus Butz-Ostendorf.
Academic Press, July 5, 2017
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Signal Processing for Neuroscientists:

An Introduction to the Analysis of Physiological Signals
By Wim van Drongelen.
Academic Press, December 27, 2006
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Simulating, Analyzing, and Animating Dynamical Systems:

A Guide to Xppaut for Researchers and Students (Software, Environments, Tools)
By Bard Ermentrout.
SIAM, March 7, 2002.
Amazon link

Single Neuron Computation

By McKenna, Davis, Zormetzer.
Academic Press, April 1992.
Amazon link

Sleep and Anesthesia:

Neural Correlates in Theory and Experiment

Based on workshops at the 2007 and 2009 Computational Neuroscience Conferences in Toronto and Berlin, this book aims to reveal the underlying neural mechanisms of sleep and anesthesia by employing a range of experimental techniques and applying theoretical models of neural activity across various spacial scales.
Edited by Axel Hutt.
Springer, July 12, 2011.
Amazon link
Kindle Edition


Exploring the Neural Code

How the spike train encodes sensory information. Draws on examples from experimental work across several biological systems. Reviews relevant concepts from information theory and statistical decision theory.
By Fred Rieke, David Warland, Rob de Ruyter van Steveninck, and William Bialek.
MIT Press, 1996.
Amazon link

Spike Timing:

Mechanisms and Function

Examines how information contained in spike timing can be measured and modeled, and how neural systems can extract it. Examples of coding and decoding range over multiple model systems.
Edited by Patricia M. DiLorenzo and Jonathan D. Victor.
CRC Press, May 9, 2013.
Amazon link

Spiking Neuron Models:

Single Neurons, Populations, Plasticity

Undergraduate textbook aimed at those taking courses in computational neuroscience, theoretical biology, biophysics, or neural networks.
By Wulfram Gerstner, Werner M. Kistler
Cambridge University Press, August 15, 2002.
Amazon link
[An HTML version is available free on-line from the first author]

Stochastic Methods in Neuroscience

Edited by: Carlo Laing and Gabriel J. Lord
Oxford University Press, October, 2009.
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

The Synaptic Organization of the Brain

Describes principles underlying the organization of neurons and synapses into the circuits that mediate functional operations of various brain regions. Results from the mouse and human genome projects are included for the first time.
Edited by Gordon Shepherd.
Oxford University Press, 5th edition, October 2003.
Amazon link

Thalamocortical Assemblies:

How Ion Channels, Single Neurons and Large-Scale Networks Organize Sleep Oscillations
By Alain Destexhe and Terrence Sejnowski.
Oxford University Press, October 18, 2001.
Amazon link

The Theoretical Foundation of Dendritic Function:

Selected Papers of Wilfrid Rall with Commentaries
Edited by Idan Segev, John Rinzel, and Gordon M. Shepherd.
MIT Press, 1995.
Amazon link

Theoretical Neuroscience:

Computational and Mathematical Modeling of Neural Systems

Exercises to accompany most chapters (often including matlab code and data) are available.
By Peter Dayan and L. F. Abbott.
MIT Press, December 2001.
Amazon link

Tutorial on Neural Systems Modeling

By Thomas J. Anastasio.
Sinauer Associates, 1st edition, September 30, 2009.
Amazon link

Tutorials in Mathematical Biosciences I:

Mathematical Neuroscience
By Alla Borisyuk, G. Bard Ermentrout, Avner Friedman, David Terman
Springer, April, 2005
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Tutorials in Mathematical Biosciences II:

Mathematical Modeling of Calcium Dynamics and Signal Transduction
Edited by James Sneyd.
Springer, August, 2005
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Understanding Vision:

Theory, Models, and Data

Teaching and learning support (including PowerPoint slides of all figures) is available from the author.
By Zhaoping Li.
Amazon link


A Computational Investigation into the Human Representation and Processing of Visual Information
By David Marr.
MIT Press, July 6, 1982
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Waves in Neural Media:

From Single Neurons to Neural Fields
By Paul Bressloff.
Springer, October 31, 2013
Amazon link
Kindle Edition

Weakly Connected Neural Networks

By Frank Hoppensteadt and Eugene Izhikevich.
Springer, January 15, 1997.
Amazon link

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